Mexican Maragogype



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Taste: A subtle body with creamy chocolatey flavours

Mexico is the eighth largest coffee producer in the world and is responsible for more coffee in America than any other producer. The Mexican coffee industry has a culture of smallholder farming, which means flavour and quality will differ from farm to farm making mexico’s coffee a rich tapestry of flavour.

Maragogype is one of the more easily recognized varieties of coffee, it is a mutation of Typica, first discovered in Brazil. It is often considered desirable due to the unusually large size of its beans. The tree has exceptionally large leaves but a relatively low yield. It is often referred to as the ‘elephant bean’ due to its size.

Mexico, Central America
Roast: Mild – Medium (3)
 Subtle bodied
 Best with a cafetiere or filter
When to drink:
Enjoyed through out the day
Keep cool in an air tight container


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