Yemen Mocha



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Product Description

Taste: Exotic and earthy with rich winey tones

Yemen has been producing coffee on commercial basis for longer than any other country and its coffee is distinctive, challenging and especially unusual.

Coffee came to Yemen from Ethiopia and was established around the 15th century. Export of its coffee introduced the world to the Port of Mocha that now it’s fair to say the word ‘Mocha’ in coffee terms is the most confusing! From the original word referred to the port in Yemen to the current use of the term to describe a mixture of hot chocolate and espresso only adds to confusion to the consumer.

The taste profile of Yemeni coffee is complex with exotic and pungent flavours to give a distinctive coffee experience. For some the wild, slightly fermented and fruity quality is off putting, while others prize it highly.

Yemen, West Asia
Roast: Medium (3.5)
 Heavy bodied
 Best with Moka pot
When to drink:
Enjoyed throughout the day or after dinner
Keep cool in an air tight container


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