Silver Needles


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Product Description

Taste: Delicate, clean and sweet

The champagne of white teas, this highly sought-after style of tea is picked from tender spring buds in China’s Fujian Province. Crafted purely from the barely opened buds of the tea leaf, the silvery tips create an elegant, needle-like appearance with many silvery tips. It is the purest, least processed tea available, Low in caffeine and retaining extremely high levels of antioxidants. Silver Needle tea distinctly light and mellow, a hint of sweetness with the aroma of freshly cut grass.

Origin: Fujian Province, China
Leaf Type
: White
Strength: Medium
Drink: Without milk
Brew: 2 tsp, Brew in 80-90’c water, 2-4 minutes according to taste
When to drink: Can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day
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